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1. Durability & quality

Durable quality

Thanks to our focus on sustainability, BLOQ carpet tiles last for years. They fall under project class 33 EN 1307, do not wear out when used intensively by chairs with castors (EN 985) and are extremely colourfast to light influences (EN ISO 105-b02).

Long lifespan

Our durable carpet tiles owe their long lifespan to the mass of dyed yarns and the high quality. This way our carpet tiles comply with class 33 of the EN 1307 standard.


2. Recycled content

Recycled material

45% of our carpet tiles consist of recycled material.


BLOQ uses 100% polyamide 6 solution dyed nylon from Aquafil.


We use bitback or modified bitumen for the backing of our carpet tiles.
The backing consists of 70% recycled materials.

Recycled limestone in the backing

The filling material used for the backing of our carpet tiles is 100% post-industrial recycled.
The filler comes from a waste stream of the limestone extraction.

Gerecycleerde inhoud

3. Production

Green energy

100% of the electricity we use at BLOQ is ‘green power’. This ‘green power’ is generated from sustainable sources, like our own wind turbines.

Production site & process

BLOQ has a machine park that is characterised by advanced equipment and efficient, sustainable processes. All our production facilities are in one location: from the most modern tufting machines to state-of-the-art die cutting machines. This allows us to work very efficiently.

ISO certification

Our production processes are ISO 9001 2015 certified. This international certificate guarantees that we meet all standards in terms of quality management.

Eco-friendly packaging materials

We pack the carpet tiles in cardboard boxes that for 100% consist of recycled materials.

Yarn recycling

The remnants and waste yarns that arise during the production of the carpet tiles are collected and processed into fibres. Our mother company Betap uses these fibres for the production of non-woven carpet.


4. Installation


Permanent adhesive layer with permanent adhesive effect without curing.

Cutting waste

With our installation guide, the cutting waste (in rectangular spaces) for carpet tiles is 3 to 4%. Read our installation guide for more information.

Tack-free installation method on metal raised floors

BLOQ, together with flooring technology expert IOBAC UK Ltd., has rigorously tested and approved a tack-free installation method. The with innovation awarded IOBAC MagTabs make it possible to install BLOQ carpet tiles glue-free on metal raised floors. The smart tabs are adhesive on one side and magnetic on the other. For the next floor installation, both the subfloor and the carpet tiles remain free of contaminating residues. The carpet tiles are therefore immediately ready for reuse or recycling, making them truly circular.


5. End of life cycle


2nd Chance
Carpet tiles can, after they have been cleaned, be reused at the end of their life cycle. By reusing carpet tiles, the lifespan is extended, which contributes to a circular economy.


The residual waste from our carpet tiles is used by the cement industry as a secondary fuel for the incinerators.

Einde levenscyclus

6. Chemicals & VOCs

Our products meet the test criteria for the emission of:


Gemeinschaft Umwelfreundlicher Teppichboden TVOC28<100 g/m3.
The declared product meets the GUT test criteria. This means that the limit values for VOC emissions, odour and chemical substances are met. The GUT certificate number of our products is F42D2D9F.

CRI (VS and International)

Carpet & Rug Institute - Our products meet all the requirements of Green Label Plus, GLP Certificate 1100 (see LEED®, section 6.b).


BLOQ complies with the strict European REACH standards.

M1 (FI)

This certificate has to further develop the creation and use of building materials with very low emissions in order to create a healthy indoor environment.

Chemische stoffen

7. Environment product declaration (EPD)

An EPD is a standardised document that provides information on the potential impact our products on the environment and on human health. The EPD contains information on the environmental impact of raw materials production and extraction, energy consumption and efficiency, content of materials and chemicals, emissions to soil, air and water and waste generation. A specific EPD is available for our products, in accordance with ISO14025 and EN15804. The EPD declaration number is EPD-GUT-2060019-CCA1-EN.

8. ‘Green building’ certificate compliance

BRE Global (UK)

BLOQ carpet tiles can contribute to the BREEAM credits/points below:

  • Man 02: life cycle costs and life cycle planning;
  • Man 03: responsible building practices;
  • Man 04: commissioning and delivery;
  • Hea 02: quality of indoor air;
  • Hea 04: thermal comfort;
  • One 01: acoustic performance;
  • Mat 01: reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions;
  • Mat 03: consequences for the life cycle;
  • Mat 05: responsible for sustainability and resilience;
  • Wst 04: speculative finishes;
  • Wst 06: functional adaptability.

LEED (VS & International)

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design BLOQ products can contribute to the following LEED v4 credits:

  • MR credit: Interior Life Cycle Impact Reduction
  • MR credit: Publication and optimisation construction product – Environmental Product Declarations
  • MR credit: Publication and optimisation of construction product – Sourcing of raw materials
    MR4 Post-industrial recycled content: 50%
    MR4 Post-consumer recycled content: 0%
  • MR credit: Publication and optimisation construction product – Material ingredients
  • EQ credit: Materials with low emission
  • EQ credit: Assessment of the indoor air quality
  • EQ credit: Acoustic performances

Products are not rated according to LEED. The LEED credit requirements relate to the performances of materials in the overall construction project, not to the performance of individual products of brands. More information about LEED can be found at


Eco construction

  • integrated choice of construction procedures
  • construction site with a small impact on the environment


  • hygrothermal comfort
  • acoustic
  • visual
  • smell


  • space
  • air
  • water
Green building

9. Health & comfort

Solvent-free bitumen

The backing of our carpet tiles consists of bitumen that is not oxidised. Our bitumen backing is also free of solvents.


BLOQ’s carpet tiles are odour-free (see GUT certificates).

Free from heavy metals

substances, such as chromium, mercury or lead.


Chemicals & VOS Our products provide optimal sound absorption and insulation, and also limits impact noise. Our products reduce impact noise by 26 decibels (EN ISO 10140- 3 | ΔLW). The result is excellent acoustics.

Gezondheid en comfort

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