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BLOQ carpet tiles installation guide

To ensure a smooth installation, follow these instructions.

1 Thoroughly check your received goods

BLOQ guarantees premium quality. However we advise you to check your order after delivery for any flaws or missing items. Make sure the product, colour, dimensions and quantity match your order.

Thoroughly check your received goods
2 Prepare the room
Environment and temperature

The carpet tiles should be given time to climatise for at least 24 hours before installation. The minimum room temperature required for installation is 15°C, with a maximum relative humidity of 60%. The floor temperature should be at least 10°C.


Make sure the surface on which you’re installing the carpet tiles is flat, dry, clean and firm. The humidity of the flooring should not exceed 5%.

Floor heating

Our carpet tiles can be placed on underfloor heating, given that the temperature doesn't exceed 28°C. After installation, wait another 48 hours before turning on the floor heating, and never exceed the maximum temperature of 28°C.

3 Installation guidelines

On each box you will find the product name, colour and lot number. In order to obtain an even colour distribution across the floor, always install tiles from the same batch next to each other.



Carpet tiles are installed on an anti-slip or semi-permanent adhesive with a permanent non-hardening sticky effect. This way, the tiles can be moved and removed easily when necessary.

Pile direction

On the back of each tile, you will find an arrow indicating the pile direction. For some of our collections, the pile direction needs to be taken into account in order to obtain the desired pattern. The installation method for each pattern is indicated on the technical data sheet. There are 4 types of patterns:


for uniform effect.


horizontally rows

Quarter turn

Quarter turn:
checkerboard pattern


vertically rows

!!!  Check regularly before continuing

First, install 100 m2 to evaluate if everything looks good. Do you notice a flaw or deviation in colour or pattern? Pause the installation and contact us.

4 Protect tiles during construction

If the tiles are installed in a room that is still undergoing construction works, make sure you protect the carpet tiles from dirt, moisture and scratches from moving heavy furniture. If possible, only uncover the carpet tiles after completion of the construction works.

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5 Care for your tiles

BLOQ is responsible for the quality of the product in accordance with the technical sheet, and the product is under a 15-year warranty only when used and maintained correctly. Bloq cannot be held responsible for faulty installation or incorrect maintenance. Read more about BLOQ carpet tiles maintenance.


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