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Performance: product highlights

Betap’s factory is fully equipped to handle every step of the production process, making use of cutting-edge equipment and techniques. Thanks to our focus on durability and performance, BLOQ carpet tiles are premium quality. Discover our 10 product highlights.


Cross-section of a BLOQ tilex

From backing to pile, our carpet tiles are made from premium materials exclusively. The glass fiber fleece between the backing and the binding provides a great dimensional stability of ≤ 0.2%, preventing curling edges.

Performance bloq 1

Durable quality

Thanks to our focus on durability, BLOQ carpet tiles will last years. They are classified commercial heavy (class 33 EN 1307), they don’t wear from heavy use of castor chairs (EN 985) and have a great colour fastness to light (EN ISO 105-B02).

perf 02

Premium solutiondyed yarns

BLOQ yarns are solution dyed, meaning the colour pigments are added early on in the extrusion process. Solution dyed fibres have a better colour fastness to light and liquids, are easier to clean and to maintain and are bleach resistant. They are also more colour consistent as the entire production batch undergoes the same colouring process.

BLOQ uses 100% Polyamide 6 Solution Dyed Nylon from Aquafil, leading supplier for carpet manufacturers with over 50 years of experience.

BLOQ Performance 03


For the backing we use Bitback, short for modified bitumen, which consists of 70% recycled materials and is known for its great acoustic results. That not only makes them sustainable, it also makes them contribute substantially to your comfort.


Sound absorbing

Thanks to their high sound absorption, insulation and impact noise reduction, you’ll enjoy great acoustics, on your floor as well as on adjacent floors.

05 Sound absorbing

One family

Our carpet tiles designs are made from one colour family, with the same colours returning in different collections, allowing you to mix and match products but still keep a consistent result.


Broadloom look

With our state-of-the-art cutting machines, BLOQ carpet tiles are cut or punched from a sheet of backed carpet using a square shaped knife frame. This technique ensures that the square shapes are flawless, the size is consistent and the seams are clean. Without flluffy edges, for a result that mimics a broadloom carpet.

Performance 07

Great fire resistance

Our tiles have great fire resistance. In the EN 13501-1 tests, our carpet tiles scored a result of Bfl-s1, which is the best possible result for carpets.


Two shapes

BLOQ carpet tiles come in two shapes. We offer 8 square designs of 50 x 50 cm and one rectangular design of 25 x 100 cm.

sizes en shapes

Long lifespan

Our durable carpet tiles have a long lifespan thanks to our solution dyed yarns, high performance quality and good maintenance programmes, fulfilling the EN1307 - class 33 classification.

10 Long warranty


is the surface of Betap’s production area

tekening gebouw


are part of an innovative family business

kader people
Aquafil map

Accurate results, fast delivery, sustainable production

  • Accurate results
    Betap’s state-of-the-art factory runs mostly on automated processes, 6 days a week and 24 hours a day. Our production is highly accurate: where manual adjustments allow for a 5-9% deviation, we have a deviation rate of less than 1%.
  • Fast delivery times
    Each BLOQ carpet tile is produced on-site. In combination with our permanent stock, we can guarantee fast delivery times.
  • Circular system
    By keeping yarn production in-house and using fully recyclable resources, we have been able to set up a truly circular system.

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