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BLOQ carpet tiles maintenance guide

To make sure your BLOQ carpet tiles keep their looks and quality throughout the years, follow these instructions.

9 meter
Make sure you have a Barrier mat

Protect your carpet tiles by providing a barrier mat in front of every entrance, to keep dirt and moisture from entering your rooms. The mat should have a structure that scrapes and wipes of any debris off the shoes of people entering, and should be long enough – 9 meters is ideal.

Maintenance routine
1. Vacuum regularly

The best way to maintain your carpet tiles on a regular basis is to vacuum them with a vacuum cleaner with roller brush.

The frequency with which you should vacuum the carpet tiles depends on the use of the area:

  • daily vacuuming: entrance, reception, corridor, showrooms, ...
  • twice or 3 times a week: meeting room, heavily frequented offices, ...
  • once a week: storage areas, offices with only a few employees, ...
2. Remove any stains immediately

If there are any stains, it is best to remove them immediately to prevent them from becoming permanent stains.


Each type of stain requires a different approach:

  • water-based stains can be removed with a clean white cloth and lukewarm water

e.g. mud, coffee, tea, juice, fruit stains, blood, urine, …
Remove any dry residues with for example a spoon, to not damage the carpet. Use a clean white cloth or some kitchen towels to remove as much moisture as possible. Then take another clean white cloth dampened with lukewarm water to carefully wipe and dab. Start from the outer edges and work towards the center. Avoid rubbing, and do not use too much water. Repeat if necessary, with or without an additional specialised carpet cleaner.

  • oil-based stains are to be treated with a suitable carpet cleaner and a white cloth.

e.g. greasy food residues, paint, toner, glue, …
Remove as much dry residue as possible (with a spoon for example), then apply carpet cleaner to a clean white cloth to treat the remaining stain. Start from the outer edges and work towards the center. 

  • stubborn dirt and stains such as chewing gum are best cleaned with a specialised product. Follow the instructions on the packaging.

Keep in mind to never use a strong cleaning agent directly on the carpet, always apply on your cleaning cloth. Always test your cleaning agent on a hidden corner of your carpet to check for colourfastness.

3. Periodic maintenance

To keep the quality of the carpet unchanged throughout the years, periodic maintenance should be done preferably by a specialist, at least once a year. We recommend crystallisation cleaning, a dry cleaning method that has the added advantage that the room can be used immediately after cleaning.

4. Deep cleaning

During prolonged use, dirt can accumulate deep in the pile, which can only be removed through deep cleaning. This treatment should also be carried out by a specialist, who has the necessary equipment. Keep in mind that this is a wet cleaning method, so your carpet tiles will need some time to dry afterwards.

In short
Regular Maintenance Periodic Maintenance Deep Cleaning

Vacuuming and
stain removal

Crystallisation method,
done by specialist

Deep clean method,
done by specialist

Daily and weekly

1 or 2 times a year

According to advice
of a specialist


Maintenance routine example
Cleaning products and equipment

We recommend following cleaning products and equipment to optimally take care of your carpet tiles.

  • Vacuum cleaner with rolling brush: e.g. Dart 2 by Sebo or similar kind
  • Vacuum cleaner filter: Hepa (S-class) or similar kind
  • Stain remover for water soluble stains
  • Stain remover for oily stains
  • Clean white cloths

BLOQ is responsible for the quality of the product in accordance with the technical sheet, and the product is under a 15-year warranty only when used and maintained correctly. Bloq cannot be held responsible for faulty installation or incorrect maintenance.

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